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Max Keiser Report on Bitcoin Revolution

Max Keiser talks about the Bitcoin revolution in his recent video from the Keiser Report. Love this guy and his segments are always very interesting. And in this episode, I thought it was noteworthy to mention two points he brought up.
"Bitcoins are increasingly becoming an asset class, and he believes this will boost Bitcoin prices to the hundreds of thousands."
Is that too far-fetched? What do you think? Is the Bitcoin boom still at its infancy?
"In today's failing economy, there's only three refuges: Gold, Silver and Bitcoin. That's it. If you're looking to decapitalize the Banks and preserve your own economic sovereignty, you have only these 3 choices. Full stop."
Can Bitcoin really gain enough value and stability to stand alongside Gold and Silver as hard assets?
What the video for yourself!
Tell me what you think in the comments section below! =)

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